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Are you WAAAAY too into Halloween?

Everyone knows that person who is beyond into Halloween.  Our own Sue Romero, is, admittedly, one of these people.  We found this list on the Hookup and felt compelled to see if Sue was in need of an intervention.  The bad news is, she is beyond any help an intervention can provide.  The good news is, her Halloween costume is all set and ready to go, 5 months after the started working on it.

You might be in need of a Hallo-vention if any of these describe you:

  1. You spend more than your rent on your costume.
  2. Most of your friends are people you’ve met while working in haunted houses.
  3. You own six pairs of contact lenses…and none of them are for your vision.
  4. You’ve been told by someone that a huge spider totally reminded them of you.
  5. You’ve been in a “Thriller” flash mob.
  6. You’re really good at doing makeup, as long as there are bones or fake blood involved.
  7. You can’t walk more than two feet in your apartment without triggering a spooky animated toy. Y
  8. our idea of a “feel-good” movie generally involves bloodshed and machetes.
  9. Sally from “The Nightmare Before Your Christmas” is your fashion icon.
  10. So is Morticia Addams from “The Addams Family.”
  11. You have a pair of fangs in your jewelry box.
  12. You’ve Googled “Can bats be pets?”
  13. You’ve been known to have creative meltdowns mid-pumpkin carving.
  14. The smell of fog machines makes you giddy.
  15. You secretly look down on people who have thrown-together costumes.
  16. And not-so-secretly look down on those who don’t dress up at all.
  17. You <3 candy corn

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