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Are Russell and Ciara doomed?

As we embark upon our work week on this Monday morning, if you’re like us, you can’t help but feel a little….well, let’s face it, deflated (thank you Tom Brady). Our beloved Seahawks are 0-2….. do we even know how to comprehend this news?  It has us all out of sorts; kind of like pouring a bowl of cereal before realizing you’re out of milk.  Dry Cheerios are no way to start your day or your week, but we are practical, we recognize that this less than stellar start isn’t the end of the world…… right?  Maybe if we repeat that over and over and over….and over it comes true?  At least we aren’t over-reacting… mostly.  Unlike one fan, who has started a GoFundMe page to try and fix the Seahawks on field woes.  No, we aren’t joking.  Hawks fan Kellen Herndon has decided that the root of the Seahawks’ troubles stems from Russell Wilson’s happiness.  Herndon’s page aims to raise 50k to boost Wilson’s girlfriend, Ciara’s career, leaving her no time for a relationship.  Herndon references Wilson’s divorce as the catalyst for the Hawks Super Bowl win and imagines a similar outcome should Wilson and Ciara break up.  So far, the page has raised $10 of the $50,000 being sought, so Wilson’s relationship is safe, for now.  We believe a return home to the CLink is all this team needs to get back on their feet, but, should we continue this trend, we might have to visit Herndon’s page to make a donation. GO HAWKS!!

If you have to see it to believe it, then you’re in luck! Here’s a link to the page! Break up Ciara and Russell

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