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Another reason to celebrate the Seafair Summer Fourth at Gasworks Park on Saturday — Seattle’s 4th beats almost every other city’s 4th!

You probably already knew this, but now it’s official — Seattle does the Fourth better than just about any other American city.

The personal finance website WalletHub ranked the 100 largest American cities on their July 4 celebrations based on how well they balance holiday cost and fun. They measured 14 different factors, like the duration of fireworks shows, average gas prices, the number of festivals and performances, weather forecasts and more. It turns out the average U.S. household will spend nearly $350 on the Fourth of July! But which cities do it best? From the WalletHub rankings, here are the top 5:

Overall Rank City “Entertainment & Food” Rank “Attractions & Activities” Rank “Fourth of July Weather Forecast” Rank
1 Minneapolis, MN 72 1 2
2 Seattle, WA 60 9 8
3 St. Paul, MN 89 10 1
4 Portland, OR 70 8 16
5 San Francisco, CA 55 20 5

And who comes in at a very respectable #2? We do! (If you’re curious about all the rankings, and how they figured them out, here’s the page.)

Just another reason to leave the fireworks to the professionals this year and join us for the Seafair Summer Fourth at Gasworks Park starting at noon on Saturday. Get all the details and FAQs about the big day here. We’ll see you there!

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