Introducing…Pumpkin Spice Oreos! :)


Yes, there seems to be pumpkin EVERYTHING available these days but this….I had NO IDEA!!! Haven’t tried them yet but they sound absolutely amazing! AND they’re on sale now for a limited time! Read More »

Creepy, Fun AND TASTY Halloween Treats!


Halloween is right around the corner and for me…it’s ALWAYS been a fun time. My wife and I enjoy making a big deal out of Halloween and like to deck out the house, enjoy some trick or treaters and create some fun treats of our own. We just found THESE cool Halloween teeth that we’re gonna certainly have on plates ... Read More »

11 Ways To Make Waiting In Line With Kids EASIER!


I’m going to be a first time dad in February so I’m paying VERY close attention to articles like THIS!  It’s many parents’ worst nightmare — being stuck in line with a tot in tow. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, children morph into screaming monsters, and the only way to tame the beast is to provide them ... Read More »

[SURVEY] Men should ALWAYS Pay On The First Date?

first date

  Remember the last time you went on a first date? Last night? A month ago? A year? It’s been so long you can’t remember who it was with? Well, do you remember who paid? When it comes to paying for the first date, most men and women still expect the man to pick up the tab. Just over 77 percent ... Read More »

NFL Player Gives Daughter Pep Talk Before Cancer Surgery. [VIDEO]


We’ve heard SO many disgusting stories about pro athletes lately…in particular NFL players so I thought it would be cool to share one that is absolutely heart warming! Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still had some encouraging words for his daughter before she underwent cancer surgery Thursday. Still’s 4-year-old daughter Leah was diagnosed with cancer in June. After he originally ... Read More »

Here’s What Handbags That Cost Between $4000 and $13,000 Look Like!..


All aboard for Pharrell Williams’ latest fashion venture!  The singer, songwriter and newly minted Voice coach is teaming with the French leather goods company Moynat to create a line of handbags inspired by trains. The handbags will be shaped like vintage steam locomotives, and are being made in either hand-tooled acrylic resin or hand-carved ebony.  They’re being unveiled at the ... Read More »

Things That Are No Longer Fun AFTER Age 25.


Your early 20s are the years to go out, get tequila shots, make mistakes, and wake up the next day with dewy skin and a go-get-em attitude, ready to do it all again tonight. That’s all over now, #blessed be. Things that are no longer fun after you turn 25.   image via flickr.com/LenDog64 used under creative commons) Read More »

This Year’s Finalists…for the National Toy Hall Of Fame.


The National Toy Hall Of Fame??? I had NO IDEA… until today when they announced this year’s finalists for induction. Looking at these it’s pretty crazy to think about how toys have changed over the years! What was YOUR favorite toy as a kid?   Here’s this year’s Toy Hall of Fame nominees. Read More »