Group Of Friends Meeting For Lunch In Coffee Shop

6 Questions that come across as rude and how to rephrase them

We have all asked or been asked questions that can take us aback; common questions that when phrased poorly seem insulting.  Here are 6 questions that can come across as rude and how a simple rephrase can change the tone.  Now you can be the most in-tune, polite person at the party and score some major bonus points!

  1. “What do you do?”  Instead ask, “What’s been keeping you busy?”
  2. “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?”  Instead ask, “Who have you been hanging out with these days?”
  3.  “When are you two having kids?”  Instead ask, “What’s next for you and your husband/wife?”
  4. “How much did you pay for that?”  Instead ask, “Do you have any secrets for getting a good deal?”
  5. “How much is your rent?”  Instead ask, “Do you think rent is reasonable in this area?”
  6. “When will you be done with the house?”  Instead ask, “What’s your latest home project?”

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