30/10 Weight Loss For Life: Why It’s For Me

Hi there and welcome and congrats!  Reading this is your first step in reclaiming a healthier & thinner YOU! My name is Shellie Hart, a longtime Radio Air-Personality in Seattle.  I’m VERY active outside of work, in the community and have always thought of myself as ‘fit’…until recent.  The fact that you are reading this, tells me you are at that place that I was when I started my 30/10 Journey.  Where do you start, who do you trust, give me a program that educates and changes my routine so that I don’t have to worry about my weight and health again….trust me, you have found it:)

Working parent, busy lifestyle, bad eating habits, travel a ton, crazy work hours.  YOU…can do this.  I am, and here to help.  So read on and follow along, as my journey started a coupla weeks ago.  You can join me at weigh ins if ya like, we can share tips and recipes.  I feel better today, than I have in years.  It’s fun and rewarding, and yes…it’s working.

“Today, I abandon old habits and take on new, more positive ones as my life is just beginning.” – Shellie Hart


October 6th, MONDAY. You know the feeling, when one day you look into the mirror and ask yourself ‘how did I get here?’.  I haven’t changed a thing, at least I thought.  And likely, that’s just it…I haven’t changed a thing!  I wouldn’t call myself a poor eater, I don’t snack late at night, I don’t care for sweets, and made sure I ate 3 times per day.  Long story short, my busy schedule and not really paying attention to diet in recent and my aging body (sigh)…perfect storm for those calories to park themselves in places I never thought I would ‘plump’ up, f you will.  My arms, back, tummy, face, what the?!?!?  This isn’t me.

I don’t care to diet, I’ve never done a diet program or endorsement before, I’m a foodie and love to cook and don’t want to feel hungry.

That was my attitude.  I’ll start running again, that will take the wait off.

That never happened either.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 8.15.35 AM  Photos:  2014 vs. 2011

I needed to break my patterns, someone to help me ‘change’ my ways.  How I think about food, diet and exercise.  Educate me so I don’t end up here again, make it fun with quick results in a shorter amount of time.  My schedule is crazy busy, I’ll want support.  I’m tired of my bad habits. I’m ready to commit.

30/10 Weight Loss For Life Program.  It caught my attention for all the reasons I noted above and I know SEVERAL people who have either done the program or are on it and ALL with AMAZING swift results.  And ALL talk about how great they feel, aches and pains that have subsided, more energy and glow, AND I can make my own dinner at night!  What, what?!?!  30lbs in 10 weeks says the website.  Game on!

My visit to the BELLEVUE office was educational and fun!  It’s comfortable, inviting and incredibly supportive.  I LOVE, LOVE the staff. Several (if not all) seem to have taken part in the program and really ‘get it’.  They have these awesome machines that measure things like your FAT %, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass…etc.  I even found out my Metabolic Age!  (which btw, my body thinks I’m 64…um, not even close!).

So, I’m in.  I’m on a slim-down plan CUSTOMIZED to my needs:)  I invite you to follow my journey, maybe even join me:)  The blogs from here out will be much shorter, but real.  My start date is 10/7/2014.  My goal is to drop 30lbs by Dec. 23rd, that’s when I see family for the holidays:).  I’m excited, and ready for change.  Are you?  YOUR journey starts (HERE).

Shellie Hart

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