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Will Ferrell plays second base for the Mariners, for an inning

A great effort from Will Ferrell yesterday, who set out to play for 10 major league baseball teams in five Cactus League games in Arizona, all in one day. It was all for an upcoming HBO special from the comedy site Funny Or Die.

He started the day playing shortstop for the Oakland A’s, but was almost immediately traded between innings to the M’s, where he played second base, briefly. The M’s tweeted:

The A’s announced that Will Ferrell has been traded to the @Mariners for a CATBNL (Comedic Actor To Be Named Later). #FerrellTakesTheField

It looked like most of the fans at the games were on board with Ferrell’s giant stunt, although you can tell by the expressions on their faces that some people were a little confused by the whole thing, which I’m sure was just fine with Will.

Watch video of Ferrell at the end of the evening addressing the crowd, and read more about the day, including some hilarious quotes, here.

BTW, the M’s lost the game 4-3, although that probably wasn’t Will Ferrell’s fault.

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