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10 Foods That Make You Look Younger.

Credit: Yastremska | BigStockPhoto.com

We’re all looking for that fountain of youth to some extent…well here are ten foods that can help you look younger. (but more importantly REALLY good for you) Read More »

What’s Trending For Wednesday July 29th.

Credit: PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek | BigStockPhoto.com

While you’ve been hard at work today…this is what’s been trending both locally and nationally. #CecilTheLion, #SeahawksTrainingCamp, #TomBrady, #MarriedWithChildren, #SeattleBabyNames, #JamesBondTheme Read More »

Woman Wakes From The Dead…IN HER COFFIN!

Credit: Robert Hoetink | BigStockPhoto.com

This is probably MY WORST FEAR… not quite being dead and waking up in a coffin. That’s what happened to this 92 year old woman after doctors THOUGHT she had stopped breathing. Read More »

The Blue Angels are here! Here’s when the I-90 Bridge will close for their practice and for the shows

Credit: YouTube

It’s the sound of summer in Seattle — the roar of the jets overhead, reminding you that this is the big weekend when the Blue Angels take to the skies over Lake Washington. But as everybody knows, they spend a couple of days practicing, and that means closures on the I-90 bridge. Here’s the scoop, straight from WSDOT: Drivers in ... Read More »