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Trending on Warm 106.9

Marshawn Lynch dives backwards into an end zone full of Skittles

Credit: YouTube

You’ve seen Marshawn Lynch do that patented backwards dive into the end zone when he’s in full Beast mode, right? And everybody knows what a Skittles-lover he is. So Conan O’Brien created an “end zone” of Skittles and persuaded Marshawn to grab a football and take it all the way in. Here’s how it went down: Read More »

Sweet! Watch this mother raccoon teach her kid how to climb a tree

Credit: YouTube

How do raccoons learn to climb trees? Their mothers teach them, that’s how! Just like we human parents help our kids master the art of walking or riding a bike, raccoon moms show their offspring how to climb a tree and then encourage them to try it themselves by gently prodding them — or, in some cases, by picking them ... Read More »

Adult Summer Camp! Would YOU Go?

Credit: VadimGuzhva | BigStockPhoto.com

Camp Throwback is an adult summer camp with no kids, plenty of alcohol and a little romance. It’s just one of many co-ed sleep-away camps that have popped up around the U.S., geared toward grown-ups. The owner said, “At Camp Throwback you do everything you did at camp as a kid.” Campers make friendship bracelets; they compete in watermelon-eating contests; ... Read More »

The Ugliest Dog On The Planet Gets Its Crown.

Credit: graphicphoto | BigStockPhoto.com

Wanna know what the ugliest dog in the world looks like? Well, wonder no more… (I think he’s pretty cute in his own little special way) Click HERE to see Quasi Modo…the ugliest dog in the world. Read More »