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Kid Powered HUMAN CLAW [video]

Credit: <a href="http://laughingsquid.com/a-human-claw-machine-that-lowers-kids-into-a-prize-bin-to-grab-as-many-snacks-as-they-can/?utm_content=buffer62d2c&

Seriously, how fun would this be!  Even for adults, except I’d like to see it filled with cash for us BIG kids. LOL.  Watch the Kid Powered HUMAN CLAW video (HERE) Source: LAUGHING SQUID Read More »

Mystery text crash your iPhone? Siri to the rescue!

Credit: graphicphoto | BigStockPhoto.com

So earlier this week, we learned about a text message made up of Arabic characters that’s causing iPhones around the world to crash. We’ve also learned that you can get it from Twitter and Snapchat messages. You don’t even have to open the text, only receive it! But until Apple releases a software update to fix it, there is a ... Read More »

WARNING: This Text Can Crash Your I-Phone!

Credit: oleggawriloff | BigStockPhoto.com

With all of the new technology, I am sure man of us think that our iPhones are indestructible! Until now… There is a New iPhone bug that is capable of crashing the phones with just one text message. The text can only be sent iPhone to iPhone but apparently once it is opened, the text will cause the phone to ... Read More »