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Man Finds A Whole Dead Rat In His Wrap!


YIKES!!! He ordered a WRAP…NOT A RAT!!!  Thankfully in MY eating out experiences, the worst thing I’ve ever found in my food has been a hair a two. But this man…not so fortunate. A guy in New York was having lunch with some friends to a bite out of his wrap and  found… a DEAD RAT in his sandwich wrap. ... Read More »

Ellen’s Next Gig: Lifestyle Guru (Story)


Well she just made $15 million, flipping a house (and selling it to Napster co-founder Sean Parker).  And now her next venture, fashion guru and her own line called E.D. (short for her name).  E.D. will encompass categories from home to fashion to chic wares for some of DeGeneres’ favorite friends — dogs and cats.  She recently told WWD (Womens ... Read More »

Shellie Hart’s ‘Trending Celebrities’ 7/9/14 (Headlines)


LOVE, LOVE Kristen Stewart’s new ‘short’ hair, Emma Watson picks up a new role and Paris Hilton has a new single?  Here’s what’s trending in Hollywood!  Headline stories here. - Shellie Hart See Kristen Stewart‘s new short hair. (Crushable) Katie Holmes poses topless (but covered). (Us) RHOA‘s Apollo Nida gets sentence to 8 years in jail. (People) Emma Watson has ... Read More »