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Maroon 5 Performs The Song “Happy” In A “Not So Happy Way”.


Pharrell Williams’ hit “Happy” is one of the most upbeat hits of the past year, but Maroon 5 has now put a very unique spin on the tune, making it almost unrecognizable. Appearing on the Live Lounge program on U.K.’s BBC Radio 1, which encourages artists to perform acoustic versions of other artists’ hits, Adam Levine and company slowed “Happy” ... Read More »

Weekend Traffic Alerts! (lots of info)

Freeway to more traffic road sign with sunset sky.

From concerts to sports events, there’s a LOT going on this weekend – and that includes transportation projects that will shut down parts of freeways! Some of the biggest potential trouble spots: I-5 in Olympia - Work on I-5 at US Highway 101 will have lanes closures in BOTH directions , going down to ONE lane during overnight weekend nights. ... Read More »



All fans of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” will know Jake Anderson as a crabber  (FV Northwestern) who had to face so many low times in life.  He lost a Sister, then his Dad went missing, money problems, stability and attitude.  His only escape was fishing the Bering Sea or addiction(s) .  So many times we would see him share these ... Read More »

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