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Blood donations needed – from your pet!

Credit: Jagodka | BigStockPhoto.com

You may have donated blood before, but has your PET? ACCES Blood Bank in Seattle needs at least 50 cats to donate blood, because sometimes pets need blood transfusions due to injuries or surgery, just like us. There are criteria for dogs and cats to be donors, including: they must be healthy, 1-to-6 years old, and not be taking any ... Read More »

Kelly Clarkson says her “Heartbeat Song” doesn’t copy Jimmy Eat World

Credit: YouTube

Music fans have noticed a similarity between Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song” and Jimmy Eat World’s 2001 song “The Middle.” In an interview, Rolling Stone asked her about it: People have noticed that your new “Heartbreak Song” sounds a lot like Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle.” Were you surprised by that comparison? I didn’t write the song, I just sang it. ... Read More »

Breastfeeding Magazine Cover Sparks ALL KINDS Of Controversy.

Credit: Subbotina Anna | BigStockPhoto.com

More than three out of four U.S. infants aged 19 to 35 months were breastfed at birth in 2013. That means there are a lot of mothers out there who need to feed their babies a lot of the time, and sometimes they have to do it in public. But despite how many people are impacted by this, it’s still ... Read More »