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Guess That Mystery Dish (answer & recipe)


I collect mid-century cookbooks, mostly for the cool photos, comfort food recipes and an occasional oldskool cooking/baking tip.  Back in the day, flavored gelatin molds were not uncommon to dress up a meal.  This was a popular one, which I’m guessing first appeared in a Betty Crocker GOOD and EASY Cookbook.  Mine is from 1962.  And the mystery dish is ... Read More »

What to Gift on Administrative Professionals Day (list)


It’s actually ‘Admin Week‘, but today we’ll take time to appreciate those in the office who likely know the business better than the boss does…lol.  Seriously, these individuals are the center of a strong and successful operation and quite often the ‘go-to’ for just about everything.  We appreciate you!!!!  So, here are a few ideas that your admin(s) will appreciate… ... Read More »

You’re funny—yes, we are! (info)


Researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder thought they’d tackle the question: Which is the funniest city in the US? But…how do you measure ‘funny’? They actually came up with a formula,  looking at things like how often we look at comedy websites and how many comedy clubs we have. After looking at the 50 biggest cities in the US, Seattle came in…wait for ... Read More »

24 Hours “Happy” Music Video (See it here)


As a Mystery Of The Music challenge this morning (Weekday Warmups 825am contest). I asked  listeners to guess how many times Pharrell appears in the original  music video of the song “Happy”.  The version most of us have seen is an Edit (about 4 mins 7 sec).  The original release is the worlds  first ever “24 Hour Music Video”.  This ... Read More »