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A new use for selfies.  A woman left her purse in a ride share car, she called and asked the driver to return it, he said “NO.”  So she found a police man who texted the driver and then sent a selfie to prove he was a cop.  The purse was returned. Full story (HERE)

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8th continent has been discovered!

My son learned the names of the continents, seven of them, just two years ago in school.  He even learned a song to help him remember them all.  Well, looks like they’ll have to write a new song because scientists have discovered an 8th continent! Zealandia    

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REALLY Seattle?

This is a great city. I’m so proud to live here. I believe one of our greatest assets is our artist community. I’m saddened to read about an incident that happened to Daniel Gray, a comedian who has made me laugh countless times (FOR FREE) at Jai Thai on Broadway. He’s funny. VERY FUNNY. If you subscribe to the saying, …

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