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Dance for health!

Paula Abdul  at the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation Spring Gala Dinner and Casino Night. Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA. 06-05-08

We all know how much better we can feel when a song we love is on the radio.  And science continues to validate that music can help us heal on many levels.  Paula Abdul believes in the power of dance, and shares a personal story about her sister’s battle with cancer, and how dance was part of the protocol. Paula …

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‘THANK YOU’ from PAWS & The New WARM 106.9


What a day! Hundreds of two- and four-legged walkers are enjoying a well-earned rest after joining us for our 25th PAWSwalk. Together they helped raise more than $147,000 for the animals, and we’re still counting! We’ll be sure to share our final total, and keep an eye on the PAWS Facebook page for more photos from the event (coming soon). …

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