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Marshawn Provided Required Game Interview (in A Word)

Microphones At Press Conference

Both  Seattle and San Francisco  win games Sunday. They will now set a table for Thanksgiving in the Bay Area and battle for sole possession of second place in the NFC West (both are now tied at 7-4). Meanwhile the NFL will look over Marshawn’s/Seahawk player  interview after Sundays game in Seattle. To avoid another $50,000 fine he has to ... Read More »

To Buy Or NOT To Buy On Black Friday.


Typically, “Black Friday” is THE day to grab the best deals and to make most of your significant purchases but not so fast…there are some things you may be better off holding back on for a while. Some of these may surprise you! 5 Things to buy and not to buy on Black Friday. Read More »

We need more foster families! (info)

Take A Walk With The multicultural Family

Social workers in the state say there’s a desperate need for foster homes, according to a recent report on KING 5. The Department of Social and Health Services says there are 8,000 kids in crisis throughout the state – but only 5,000 foster homes to help them. Social workers say they don’t turn kids away but end up having to ... Read More »

Crack The Codes Of Favorite Stores (Revealed)


How many times at a car lot you look for a posted sale price and all that you find is a Bar Code sticker. We see this as well among so many favorite products in stores. Now comes the findings of many Shopping Bloggers who have cracked the inside information of ‘Bar Codes” and how it also indicates how much ... Read More »