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10 Tips for Surviving Your Quarter-Life Crisis!


People joke that quarter-life crises have to do with curbing your drinking or finally dumping your crappy boyfriend. But deep down, they’re really about the disconnect twentysomethings often feel between what they’re doing with their lives and what they actually want to be doing. Here are 10 tips on surviving your quarter-life crisis from Mary Traina, author of The Twentysomething ... Read More »

PAWS Looking for New Parents for 60 Dogs!

PAWS Saves 60 Dogs - July 31 2014 (7)

The subject line took my breath away: PAWS saves 60 dogs.  It was from our friends of PAWS in Lynwood, looking for your help in that they recently took in 60 dogs that were, well…here’s the e-mail I got from Kellie Benz the Marketing & Communications Manager of PAWS… ——————————————————————————————————————————————– Hi Shellie!   Yesterday, PAWS had an unexpected arrival of ... Read More »

NBC’s Brian Williams has to decide as Dad or TV News Anchor (video)


As a parent  do you get excited as a Dad or keep it straight as a Network TV News Anchor.  Allison Williams is the daughter of NBC’s news anchor Brian Williams.  The story of NBC’s choice of Peter Pan for a LIVE television broadcast is big.  How does Brian handle this story?  Remember, it’s his little girl..(see video below)..-Mark Christopher ... Read More »

3,540-Calorie Red Robin Combo Named Uhealthiest Meal in U.S.


According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s annual Xtreme Eating Awards, the unhealthiest fast-food meal in the U.S. is a Red Robin Monster Burger paired with “bottomless“ fries and a Monster milkshake. At 3,540 calories, it’s the single unhealthiest meal the group could find on more than 200 chain-restaurant menus it reviewed for the 2014 rankings. To ... Read More »