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Can you pronounce “Ephrata” and other Washington names?

Credit:  rusak | BigStockPhoto.com

I thought I was pretty good, but I only scored 8 out of 12 in this fun quiz from The Seattle Times. That score still made me a “Pacific Northwest Local.” At least I’ll always have “Puyallup” (pew-AL-up) right! You give it a try! Take the quiz here! Read More »

If You HAVE To Do Fast Food…Do It RIGHT. Here Are The HEALTHIEST Options At Every Major Fast Food Chain…

Credit: prometeus | BigStockPhoto.com

Let’s face it, we’re all short on time these days and when it comes to eating…it can be VERY tempting to go the fast food route. It’s cheap, it’s easy and…it’s fast. If you have to do the fast food thing…make sure you do it the HEALTHIEST way possible. Check out the healthiest options at every major fast food chain. Read More »

Co-Workers With Bad Attitudes Can Suck The Life Out Of You…In MORE Ways Than One.

Credit: Creatista | BigStockPhoto.com

No matter WHERE you work or what you do for a living…they’re out there. The people at work who ALWAYS seem to have something or someone to complain about. These people just don’t just get under your skin, they can eventually damage your job performance and ultimately hurt the bottom line. So what can YOU do to make sure these ... Read More »